Frozen Fate [Revamp]

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Frozen Fate [Revamp] Empty Frozen Fate [Revamp]

Post by iKhat on Tue Apr 07, 2015 5:25 pm

Hello everyone new and old!!

I'm Khat, and aspiring spriter and I FINALLY revamped one of my older designs to make it more appealing in a way!
without further ado, HERE IS THE "SIDE BY SIDE" COMPARISON!!! ENJOY!!! Very Happy
(For now I can only sprite weapons. IDK, whenever i'll be ready to break out of my comfort zone to sprite clothes I can only dream D:)
Frozen Fate (Old):

Frozen Fate [Revamp] Swordr12_zps967d09a1

Description: This is a reworked design in which Knives did to help me out since I created this design going diagonal which makes doing the shading atrocious. Also I took so advice from Fate after showing this weapon off on a previous post which gave me great insight for the revamp.

Frozen Fate (Revamped):

Frozen Fate [Revamp] Frozen%20Fate%20ReMastered%20-%20Revamped_zpsdrjfrpb0

Description: Here it is...the revamp of Frozen Fate. It took me a month and a few weeks to create this design from scratch to look completely different from Frozen Fate (Old), except the Palette scheme. I made the blade in a way to look like ice - or at least close towards how ice looks. Also I made it look more like a blade versus a blunt weapon like before.
Comments, Cnc (Harsh or Normal - your choice), anyway please Enjoy!!

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Frozen Fate [Revamp] Empty Re: Frozen Fate [Revamp]

Post by Fate on Sun Apr 12, 2015 5:48 pm

I like this Frozen Fate so much more than that old one!  Nice job.  I am exhausted right now but I might give you some more feedback later.

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