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Donor Guide

Post by Uitaka on Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:34 am

Noob friendly Donor Guide~~~

1.How to Donate -Make sure you have a paypal account
-Follow The Format Alpha made <>
-Make a post On The forum section <Donate> And make sure you include The details

2.Confirming your donation
-Owners are busy so it'll take some time
-PM alpha or any of the owners and inform that you have donated
-Make sure you don't give fake Confirmation Numbers or fake Donations
-If you are impatient Just relax and play Dchaosms first Be patient and dont bother GMs for that matter

3.Rewards & Status
-Refer to this website made by Pazz

4.You have gained Donor status
-Follow the Donator rules and Player rules
-Do not warp to Illegal maps like <0,3 Or 2>
-Sometimes GMs will be busy <Maybe all the time> So don't disturb them unless its important like a hacker or a duper
-Always Respect GMs and players.

-Made by Uitaka...

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