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Post by Λlphα Wed Oct 21, 2015 8:23 pm

Being a video editor myself, my standard are really high, your application will need to give me a reason to hire you instead on just relying on my own videos. Also, don't expect to make 1 video for the server, get GM and be done...  

If you don't have a big fan base (less than 500 subscribers on YouTube):
You will either need to know how to animate really well so that you can help with my projects or I expect your video editing skills to be EXTREMELY good. If you don't stand out, you will not be accepted. Once you get accepted your video will most likely be posted on my channel or other people's channel that have more subscriber. The main purpose of a VFX is to advertise the server, so until you have a decent following, your videos will be uploaded on other users. Credits to your channel will be added in the description on these videos saying you made them.

If you have a big fan base (more than 500 subscribers on YouTube):
You will pretty much be used to advertise the server when needed. I expect you to make videos each major update to showcase the new content. You also need to have some MapleStory video editing talent, meaning I don't expect you to run a popular Call of Duty, MineCraft, etc channel and make a shitty looking D.ChaosMS video.

Type of videos I would like to see:
•Montage: Shows the feature/community of the server in a way people will get interested.
•Teaser: Showcase upcoming features of the server in a way that will generate hype.
•Animation: Has to be related to the server.
•MMV: Has to be related to the server.
•Let's play: If your let's play has a lot of parts and get a lot of attention I might consider hiring you, but don't count on it.

Type of videos I don't want to see:
•Typing in game: -type- "HELLO!" -type- "Welcome to D.ChaosMS!!!" -type- "Rates are 2000x/1000x/5x" -type- ...
•You fighting monster/bosses: Anyone can make these.
•Color filter madness: Add a different color filter to every scene and call that video editing.
•Tutorial: Anyone can make these.

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