Aniki's multi event though

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Aniki's multi event though Empty Aniki's multi event though

Post by Aniki on Fri Sep 23, 2011 9:47 pm

a quick easy add up event for my friends
i made them dress and made them vote on whos 1st n 2nd place in their mind
then i cound the points as stage 1
then stage 2 is the race toward or neard the end of mario 1-2 and coundt point again
and last was a reg jq where they need to be near where i stand
and points are added by in stage 1 2pt in 1st place 1 pt in 2nd place
2nd stage on mario land 1-2 1st reach me gets 5pt next 4 next 3
then jq (3rd n final phrase) same thing
Aniki's multi event though 110
winner:<1st to last>
Chinese>tamara>kurikara>mimi25 n noobienubby>ultima7x n woshijian
the process was kinda slow for 1 person operating it, and it was kinda enjoyable
i given particpant rewards for being active (lol)
still....this is jus a random post in random discussion XD

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