I wrote this probably 3 years ago and got pretty good feedback on it. MHPQ Party Quest Idea

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I wrote this probably 3 years ago and got pretty good feedback on it. MHPQ Party Quest Idea Empty I wrote this probably 3 years ago and got pretty good feedback on it. MHPQ Party Quest Idea

Post by Ɛqυιησχ on Sat Sep 12, 2015 5:20 pm

Maple Hero Party Quest

Okay, so basically these maps are filled with bosses of the bodies of job instructors. Back Story: All the job instructors get invited to a party. While the party is going on, a Masked Man named <name> ( You could change name later) steals the souls of all the job instructors and puts them into a chamber. A few days later you receive word about this and you have to save them. This is sort of like a Mu Lang dojo but with the job instructors bodies controlled by the masked man. You have to fight all the Warrior, Magician, Archer, Thief, and Pirate related classes/jobs. You fight a Warrior, Dawn Warrior, Aran, Demon Slayer, Mikhail, Krasier, Magician, Blaze Wizard, Evan, Battle Mage, Luminous, Archer, Wind Archer, Wild Hunter, Mercedes, Thief, Night Walker, Dual Blade, Phantom, Pirate, Thunder Breaker, Mechanic, Cannon Shooter, Jett, Angelic Burster. After every 5 Bosses, there can be a notice pop up on your screen saying [Stage 1 Complete] then [Stage 2 Complete] then [Stage 3 Complete] and so on. After you beat the job instructors, you come face to face with <name>, the masked man. You say: There's no where to run, surrender or fight me. <name> says: Hahahahahahaha, this is not the last of my surprises. You say: !? Out of no where Tenshi's soulless body appears and <name> says: until next time, Muahahahaha. Then <name> disappears. You know fight Tenshi's soulless body. Then you fight Toon's soulless body. Finally you fight Alpha's soulless body. As you enter the next room, you see <name> wearing his mask with a hood. You say: Show yourself. <name> takes of his hood an his mask. He now tells the story of why he has these souls , he says:  I have stolen the souls of the most powerful people in Maple World, with those people out of the way I will have nobody in I way to take over the world.  <name> is standing behind a giant safe, and you have to fight him for the key, after you win, you open up the safe and the screen goes completely black for a second. When it becomes normal you see all the souls of the bodies you fought. There is also an Honorary Rock in the middle of the room. You click it, and then you get rewarded with and X amount of rebirths and a good amount of equips that Alpha, Toon, and the GM's can pick out. The stats can be picked by the owners. In addition you get a medal saying 'The Savior of Maple World'. Finally you get your name on the honorary rock and you get warped to Henesys. This would be a party quest for 1-6 players. Also after every boss you kill during this quest, you get A LOT of exp. But, the monsters would have a lot of HP. This PQ's name is Maplestory Hero PQ so MHPQ. Hope you guys like this idea and I hope it get put in game. Thank you for reading.

EDIT: The bosses will be extremely difficult to kill, therefore there could be a minimum requirement of 1000 - 2500 rebirths. The quest can be done with a party. In addition, the more people doing the quest; the stronger the bosses will be. A player with 1000+ rebirths CANNOT do the quest with someone with under 1000 rebirths. Also, you will have the option to re do the quest 9 more times after you have completed it. The first time (1000 rebirths) you will receive certain prizes. All the way up until the 10th time (10,000 rebirths) in which you will receive a 10,000 D.Chaos Coins, 5 items of choice (MSI) with your tag on it, and 1 Illegal GM Item of choice as a reward for making it to 10,000 rebirths and completing the quest 10 times. The quest can be redone every 2500 rebirths after that in which you will receive 1 MSI up until you reach 20k, 30k, 40k.... rebirths. When you get to these digits you will receive other prizes. At 100k rebirths if anyone makes it there, you will receive some ape shit prize which can be decided later on. Now, I understand the DCMS community is not as active as it once was, but if or when it gets there, this can be implemented into the game.

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I wrote this probably 3 years ago and got pretty good feedback on it. MHPQ Party Quest Idea Empty Following up on your suggestion, since no one responded.

Post by RayStormX on Sun Oct 04, 2015 3:11 am

This is very creative. You must have put a lot of thought into this idea . It also seems like a lot of work, and I'm not sure we have the manpower to put this into action in a timely manner, if it were approved.

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