my glitches and bugs

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my glitches and bugs Empty my glitches and bugs

Post by luklui14 on Mon Jul 20, 2015 9:50 pm

i voted, got 1 vp, talked to amos dced lost my vp and didn't get the coin
i made jump quest the timer just auto set's itself to 0 quickly that's y jq is buggy
got 100 coins, talked with rudi dced lost my 100 coins and the cloud mount

DC reason: i clicked the option i wanted and DC!

now i was trying to vote again,
10:30 SERVER TIME 30 min after the 24 hour stuff, server sayd "you already voted 10:30", tryed 1 hour later "you already voted 11:30", tryied now 11:48 server time "You've already voted within the last 24 hours!
Vote time: Jul 20, 11:48 PM"

tryed  to talk with staff in game they are saying "everything works"

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my glitches and bugs Empty Re: my glitches and bugs

Post by MrPimppi on Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:30 pm

lol okay lets get a couple things straightened out firstly this should be in the error section not discussion{So if a forum mod could please move this to errors Thanks}. Secondly you were talking about voting not amos and not rudi the npcs i used that amos npc to get coins last night 4 times no problems no dc {I thought it gives vp not coins so i wasted 4 vps} also beat used the rudi the mount npc and got his mounts last night{I also informed you that it could be the mount was bugged and things dont usually simply disappear}.Thirdly i told you that the voting server time is buggy if you try to you vote before the 24 hour wait it can move the count down timer to a later time but is usually wrong if you vote at the correct time of day / night you voted the night before that it should still work even though it says you cant vote until a later time, you just need to be vigilant about what time you vote and what time you try to vote again even if its off by 1 second the vote might not work properly. I also told you that if you cant vote just simply wait 10 minutes and try again but you had a fit and said i wasn't listening then logged off quickly. I'm sorry if you feel that i wasn't listening to you or wasn't helpful, But at the same time you didn't need to storm off like you were pissed at me thanks <3

Thank me if i helped with the {+} over there-->
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my glitches and bugs Empty Re: my glitches and bugs

Post by Aniki on Tue Jul 21, 2015 11:38 am

I can tell you that mounts are not bugged but just the saddle and mount mismatch (haven't been fix yet). And also sometimes if you quickly log off, you will still remain online ("Account already logged in") thus you won't get vote points so make sure you are really offline before voting.

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my glitches and bugs Empty Re: my glitches and bugs

Post by Sponsored content

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