Situation Advise: Give & Take Game

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Situation Advise: Give & Take Game Empty Situation Advise: Give & Take Game

Post by Aniki on Fri Apr 17, 2015 3:10 pm

Situation Advise: Give & Take Game:
"Situation Advise: Give and Take Game" is to create a list of advises within D.ChaosMS

How the game work:
The game will start with me giving an advice based on the following situation within D.ChaosMS. Following my post, the next person (the person below) will answer the person above him/her with either take or pass in response with a reason. Then that person will give an advice of his current situation to the next person with the following status within DChaosMS. Situation=Current Status meaning it can be silent, laggy, glitchy, etc...

Additional Rules:
To keep this game stable please follow these rules:
- Advises must be appropriate and must be related to D.ChaosMS
- Press "Preview" a couple time before "Send" in case someone have posted before you!
- Please read before posting so that you don't post something similar to another person.
- Do not post if you don't have any advises to give


Person 1 wrote:Status: Glitchy - got stuck at login screen
Use "unstuckme" as login password to get unstuck.

Person 2 wrote:Take - cause I want to get on of course :p
Status: bugged - can't train properly...
Log off and take a long break til it's fully fixed.

Person 3 wrote:Pass - not here to train but afk
Status: Silent - No one is really on...
Use @chalk for any message you want to give or leave behind.

[Choose either take or pass] - [(optional) reason for the take/pass]
Status: [your situation status] - [reasons to your status]
-----------------Game Starts--------------------------

Status: silent - too many ppls get nulled lol
Go do something else for a while til most of the glitches get fixed.

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