Asking staff about donation reward

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Asking staff about donation reward Empty Asking staff about donation reward

Post by ★§Bleak§★ on Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:24 pm

Ok before I start this topic I want to say.
I read Donation topic and Im not asking for refund or some bullshit about money. kthx
Also if you guys can please don't put reply on this topic unless your a staff. I wrote this to know not to talk

Im just asking Staff members on how to get donor status back.
As donor I was wonder what will happen to status. Will it be removed or given once again.
So today I ask Immortal about it and he answered it will be given again so I should ask eric in game(witch I couldnt because of dc and unable to find eric.

My main question is what do I need to prove that Im donor and what must be done

Also side question would be - does reward are gain like before?(As in 5$=500chix/donor ticket)

Because I can't go back I'll give everything I got to face the future.
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