Donation, and a couple of things ^.^

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Donation, and a couple of things ^.^ Empty Donation, and a couple of things ^.^

Post by Berriess on Mon Dec 05, 2011 3:51 pm

SOOOO most of you know me, but the thing is, i need to clareify exactly when the special offer for the mount and the blue donor things will last, for the 50$ deal, since i see it's really nice, and instead of just getting those, i should donate naother 70$ to get super donor, since i already donated 30$ from before. Since it'll take a while to convince my parents, by the time, it's going to be the end of this month, so ya. This is mostly for alpha, but if someone can give me a exact date when it ends, then thanks. Also if you to were donate seperatly up to 50$ during this event, would u still get that blue donator stuff?

Thats 1, Second is that it seems like Alpha is making a list for people who has gm equips, i want to say i have the gm hat, gm top, and im almost done getting the gm pants.

Thanks ^.^

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