Let's make a story

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Let's make a story Empty Let's make a story

Post by EmptySkies on Sun Nov 27, 2011 4:11 am

So i was browsing through the discussion threads and i've noticed that there is no Forum fan base story post, (maybe i missed it) so i decided to make one

For those who don't know what it is read the instructions below
ok, basically what you have here is a topic where one person starts on a story then the next person will continue on that story the way he/she see fits character will be added in as the poster wants it
there are particular rules you have to follow though.

1. You must make it so that you continue the story not make a brand new one
2. If your going to add a new character that you want to keep referring to or portray as he/she/it MUST be an original one no Naruto, Natsu, Alucard etc. (you can however base your original char on them)
3.No god characters please you can have major bad asses but not one that can blow up the universe by sneezing
4. You must respect other writer's ideas and opinions
5. You write as a narrator so you would refer to your main char as he or she (write in 3rd person basically)
you can however write in 2nd or 1st person is your line is in quotes (as in the character speaking)
6. Keep it clean ._. last thing we want is an X-Rated Story on the forums
7. You must have fun while you write

That's about it, anyone can join in just make sure you follow the rules
so i'll start

The young man awakens in a room filled with floating black feathers, as he surveys his surrounding he noticed that the room was very messy; books and items where scattered across the whole room. After a few moments he hears knocking on his door

"Come in" said the young man

The door slowly opened, a girl with short brown hair stepped in

"You are so messy it's unbelievable, Sharon!"

"The room was tidy before i slept i swear"

"Yeah right! clean this mess up or you can say good bye to break fast and tuck in those wings there throwing feathers everywhere"

"Jeez... you should really learn to calm down Jen, and secondly it's kinda hard keeping these things hidden you know:

"Your an angel, don't you have the hocus pocus to make your wings disappear"

"Firstly, i'm a half angel i'm half human and also your half brother mind you. Secondly, im an angel not a magician"

"-Takes a long exhale- 10 minutes, breakfast will be ready in 10 minutes"

"Alright I'll see you downstairs in 10 minutes"

Jen closes the door, Sharon waits until he can't here Jen's foot steps anymore. He lazily lifts himself up from the bed his black wings opens at full length covering a good part of the room

"Hocus Pocus... *tired sigh*"

Sharon stands up and snaps his fingers, the books and pens slowly levitates themselves into the bookshelves and tidy themselves up, he exits his self cleaning room and walks toward the balcony stretching his massive black wings as he stair at the blissful blue sky

"SHAROOONNN!!! Get down here or YOU can cook for yourself tonight"

"What?! 10 minutes already?"

The massive wings slowly fold into Sharon's back as he rush down to the dinning hall

That's my part we are in the introduction phase so you don't have to necessarily continue from here you can have an introduction of your character and the actual plot can continue later on

*i didn't give a facial description of Sharon yet but if you want to know he looks a lot like my Avatar*

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