Hey there Spence here.

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Hey there Spence here. Empty Hey there Spence here.

Post by Spence on Thu Nov 17, 2011 7:50 pm

Hey guys Shocked im spence i just join the server today and i thought i start it off by introducing myself.The real names Spencer but everyone calls me Spence or Buddah your choice Smile im 20 years old and im from Atlanta. Ive Played Maple well just about since it started and private servers for about half the time. i recently just quit gms due to player/spending way to much money on the game lol. so i decided why not give PS's a try again lol and so i ended up here. Havnt entered the game yet but when i do i hope to get to know the regulars as well as the GM's a little more better. im a very friendly/funny type of person who usually doesnt get upset about anything.Ive skated for about 8-9 years of my life and its a huge influence to me as well as the drums. if im not on maple i'll be doing one of the other 2 lol. im also i mayjor stoner so if u have a problem with it well... sorry ^^ its who i am no biggie. i guess if you wana get to know me better u can talk to me in game i know a good amount about the game so if u need any help with anything i'll do my best to help you out, if not GO ASK A GM! GOSH! jk.. Well Happy Chaosing!

Btw my ingame name with most likely be either Spence, Buddah, or ButtaKast. So look for me if youd like ^^ lol!

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{GM} Night

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Hey there Spence here. Empty Re: Hey there Spence here.

Post by {GM} Night on Thu Nov 17, 2011 7:56 pm

Welcome to D.ChaosMS EX and please enjoy your stay!

We recommend reading and abiding to the Player Rules, thank you!


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Hey there Spence here. Empty Re: Hey there Spence here.

Post by Sardine on Fri Nov 18, 2011 2:45 pm

Welcome to D.ChaosMS EX!
We are a thriving server, increasing in popularity every day! You have chosen the right server, the most original, the most amazing, and last but not least, the best staff there is!

Before entering the game, I recommend reading and abiding to the Player Rules, that way, together, we can both ensure the integrity and strength to keep our game both hacker free and user friendly without any annoyance in between!

Thanks for joining, and let's hope for the best!

!Note: Text is copyrighted by the D.ChaosMS EX Legal Department, copying and using this text without Willi's permission will result in dire consequences.

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Hey there Spence here. Empty Re: Hey there Spence here.

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