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To Alpha (AND ONLY ALPHA). Empty To Alpha (AND ONLY ALPHA).

Post by ♥ on Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:12 pm

So ... I heard its almost ur birthday! ^_^ . Hope u get alot of goodie stuff :3. Now i shall give u this
random song (rap) . AKA it sucks . but i hope u still enjoy it LOLS.

I know u might think this is crazy , but I Am ! ur almost 18 . Your gonna have to start having the
FUNNEST time of ur life before u cant! Life is not forever , Believe it or not . Your gonna move out
of ur family's home . Its gonna be alright , all u need is some comfort and a Pretty Hot TV.
Your gonna get a car , Its gonna be pretty darn Sexy . Your gonna get a job ! I wonder what its gonna
be , a animater? a builder? no matter what it is , ur pretty good at it! I hope u have a good time !
18 is the time u can start having all the independance u need! Alright I have nothing else to say , but
i hope u have a special day!

I Hope u Enjoyed this Song (well i dont think its a song) lol!

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To Alpha (AND ONLY ALPHA). Empty Re: To Alpha (AND ONLY ALPHA).

Post by Sardine on Sun Nov 06, 2011 8:30 pm

I like raps that rhyme.

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