Emails stress me out.

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Emails stress me out. Empty Emails stress me out.

Post by Sardine on Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:55 pm

How the hell can you send to external servers (hotmail/yahoo/gmail) but can't receive from them?
Oh yeah sure, get messages from your internal network which no one is fucking in.

Send to internal users: Ok!
Receive from internal users: Ok!

Send to external users: Partial. Uses Google SMTP relay (shows my gmail account :<) since my ISP likes blocking port 25.
Receive from external users: Absolute fail. How many times do I have to keep checking up on you? I spend 18 hours spending my precious time I could be using for something else, trying to find a fix for you but NOOO, "lets not receive because I'm a fucking dumbass".

Also, why do you keep failing on the diagnostic tests? It was working a okay yesterday. It might be the host file's fault, but still... you were fucking fine yesterday. How the fuck do you fuck up when I didn't fuck up anything?

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