Guidlines to Spriting. ~By Sai~

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Guidlines to Spriting. ~By Sai~

Post by terminallyCapricious on Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:42 pm

First of all, I would like to say I do not take credit for this guideline. It was created originally by `Sai` of Maplemation. I just thought it would be nice to have this on here to show new GFX'ers what counts as sprites, the properties, and so fourth. Please enjoy.~

These examples are explained in a way to get only the point across and not in depth. There are various forms and examples of each and not limited to these. Zooming in to each example will be helpful to better observe and understand them.

(Right click+view image to see full text.)

Palette: The shades/colors used in the piece.
Light source: Where the light should be coming from. In Maplestory, the sprites should be facing left, and the light source comes down from the top left.
Canvas: The size, or amount of room the piece takes up.
Dimensions: The height, or width of a piece such as 450(height)x500(width).
PNG: The best desired save option for an image file.
JPEG: Worst option to save an image file as. NEVER save an image in .JPEG format.
GIF: Usually used for animations or transparency.
BG: Short for background.
Dull: Close to gray, or lacking color.
Saturation: How vibrant the colors are. Dull colors have low saturation.
Monochrome: Colorless - black, white gray
Contrast: The difference in shades from one shade to the next. Shades that are hardly visible from one shade to the next has low contrast.
Example A is messy while Example B is clean. The outlines in B is much cleaner and less jagged as well as more refined shading.

There are certain requirements that gives pixel art its own category. It should contain no more than 256 colors in its palette. The canvas should not be too large such as a 900X900 canvas which is considered too large for pixel art. There should be no assistance from tools such as, but not limited to brushes, filters, or gradient fills. Effects such as glow will be accepted here. There will be leniency on canvas sizes, but try not to exceed over 900x900.
Examples of pixel art and non-pixel art:
Has no assistance from effects, or brushes that distort pixel count.

Contains assistance from brushes.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: DO NOT RE-SIZE PIXEL ART. Keep them at its original size so you do not distort the quality.

Use this site to help detect color counts on your own work as well as others' pixel art.
Simply place the URL of the image into the text box without any code, JUST THE LINK. Then click "Check."

In this case the NOT PIXEL ART piece's color count is a whopping 162 (excluding the white background) which is WAY more than a simple hair sprite should need.

The color count on the actual PIXEL ART version has 10 (excluding the white background) which is fairly standard. Though usually, Maple hair should not need more than 20 colors. There may be rare exceptions, but in cases with sprites like hair having more than 20 colors, the thread will be closed due to sprite disqualifications.



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Re: Guidlines to Spriting. ~By Sai~

Post by ジョンWZエディタ♬ on Fri Jan 27, 2012 1:19 pm

I don't I think that Sai would like to someone using it on another forum.


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Re: Guidlines to Spriting. ~By Sai~

Post by RayStormX on Fri Jan 27, 2012 2:00 pm

ジョンWZエディタ♬ wrote:
I don't I think that Sai would like to someone using it on another forum.

sai usually doesn't get butthurt about his stuff being used as long as it is credited. which it is, in this case.


sai came from mapletv 1st!

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Re: Guidlines to Spriting. ~By Sai~

Post by Swosh on Sun Aug 12, 2012 11:53 am

Thank you so much dude. This really helped me alot.

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Re: Guidlines to Spriting. ~By Sai~

Post by LeLouche on Wed Aug 15, 2012 10:20 am

Good tutorial,im trying to learn how to GFX.

If I helped in anyway dont be afraid to click the + button over there >>>^^^Very Happy


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Re: Guidlines to Spriting. ~By Sai~

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