Strange disconnect from the login server

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Strange disconnect from the login server

Post by zhenyang2012 on Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:23 am

Well guys i've found something not really sure is it a bug or not but it happens to me and now i can't even play .The reason i said disconnect from the login server isn't like waiting for a long time but straightaway when i typed my password log in and try to start my character and the screen straightaway went black and i automatically exit and i get a " You have been disconnected from the login server. Please try again later " i tried unstuckme , restart computer , reinstall but non of it is working and someone else is also having this problem so i hope you can fix it if you're really busy that's okay you should work on the null thingy first. I think that others player don't want to face the null again same as the gm cause they have to restart and restart the server over and over again if someone is nulled. Thanks eric and don't lose motivation remember the server is really unique and creative and it could go better Very Happy

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