iKhat's GFX Application

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iKhat's GFX Application

Post by iKhat on Sun Apr 19, 2015 1:16 am

Name (How can we call you): Khat

IGN: iKhat

How long have you played D.ChaosMS EX: 3~4yrs. I started on this server when the FM was the metropolis/NLC style; before it changed to the space FM like it is today (wish I had a screenshot).

How long have you been spriting: to this date I've been spriting approx. over ~3.5 yrs. (I hope my sprites exhumes this)

Why do you wish to be a GFX: I like doing sprites. I literally try to put my heart and soul into each of my designs to make them unique in their own way. Also I have an event in the works, and a possible new boss?!?

Your works (use spoiler): Now, the highlight of the application - THE SHOWCASE!!! Very Happy!!
GFX Showcase:
1. Demonic Exile 2. Blizzard Avenger 3. Daybreak Sword 4. Heroic Blade 5. Cognitive Staff
6. Holy Blade 7. Frozen Fate 8. Dark Swift Blade (itamar246's Blade) 9. Neo-Nova 10. Lunar Dagger
11. Royal Spear 12. Scarlett 13. Khat's masked hat 14. Pedo Guy Fawx Mask

Your Skype/MSN: I don't use Skype. I have an MSN (Outlook): Ozhert@live . com

Other (info about you): I'm an avid spriter. I'm currently working on how to do clothes. Also I love making sword, spears, daggers, scythes, and staves. Also, Id like to thank Knives for helping me getting this far and Fate for that tad bit of advice to help me improve.

Other than that I hope to be working on the GFX team continuing to improve on my craft - especially clothes. If I'm not chosen I'll just keep spriting.

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Re: iKhat's GFX Application

Post by Aniki on Sun Apr 19, 2015 4:38 pm

Best of luck, Khat! You can DO it! XD

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