itamar246's Weapon [ReWork]

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itamar246's Weapon [ReWork]

Post by iKhat on Tue Apr 07, 2015 11:21 pm

Hi everyone old and new!

Remember sometime ago (maybe years - exaggerated, idk) anyway this forumer "itamar246" [Refer to his GFX App]
had created a sword that didn't give much good reviews from the public. IDK, if the person left the forum for good or w/e. anyway in lieu of this I Re-Worked the weapon and made it better, by enhancing all of the things that it lacked.
I changed some things in a subtle manor but the original concept is still there.

itamar246's weapon:


Original Work

Enjoy!! Also, All credit goes to the original designer of this weapon - itamar246. (All I did was make it better!!)
Again Enjoy!!!

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