Current error within rev 8.5

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Current error within rev 8.5

Post by Aniki on Fri Mar 20, 2015 7:22 pm

Horntail still isn't spawning like it should in the cave when the purple crystal is destroy. Also the cave doesn't reset (meaning the the crystal when destroyed remains gone afterward no matter how many time the map is revisit).

Leveling Error, each time you level the maplestory client stops running. Also, just killing one of those monsters at Khaos map can dc you (even if at maxed level).

Character create still doesn't work even with that restart earlier(still can't create characters).

Danger Zone Taxi in ludi is giving an unreasonable price in meso that no one can hold within inventory.

Only Evan's Teleport and Blaze Wizzard's teleport is normal, Demonslayer's 3x of a normal teleport and Battle Mage's Teleport is SUPER messed up, like 10x of a normal teleport!

NPC Nana(K) at Kerning city (don't know her usage).

Zakum JQ Stage 1 and 2, the last 2 chain hanging down, you aren't supposed to be hit if u are at the top(but not fixing this does make it more of a challenge which can be better or worse).

Noblelesse's double (arrow) tab (a.k.a. dash) disconnects you with an error code.

This is what I currently know. Please look through it.

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Re: Current error within rev 8.5

Post by Ἒṝḯḉ on Sat Mar 21, 2015 12:12 am

Horntail issue is with ReactorPool's, re-coding them completely.

Leveling Error is with CharacterStat, I've finished re-coding all stats both basic and secondary and that has been fixed since it's been finished.

Character Creation is with MiniGameRecord's not being created yet, they now create temp scores of 0 and then load information properly.

Danger Zone Taxi is an NPC, I don't think I've messed with that so i'm not sure what is wrong there.

Evan's skills weren't coded in the v83 client so no clue, and idk what job-cover Evan is because I don't use that client.. The ranges are a WZ issue, and based off of seeing "Rev 8.5" (oh god..), I can assume that's why.

NPC Nana(K) is again an NPC I haven't touched, will check that out later.

Zakum JQ Stage hits are built into the client based off of the map. This has not been changed nor can it be changed in server-side code, so it "should" happen.

Noblesse's don't or shouldn't have Dash, should they? I've been re-coding SecondaryStat's and Buffs so I'll need to see what exact error code and from what exact skill.

I haven't updated the source yet, I guess I'll do that tomorrow. ;P



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