Popular Crash/Bug Fixes

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Popular Crash/Bug Fixes

Post by Fate on Fri Jan 23, 2015 4:03 pm

First off this entire topic is 100% unofficial and not written/requested by any of the owners, admins, or game masters.

The following are all solutions that I either use or have been suggested by other members of the community.

Crashing at launcher:


Are you on Windows 8/8.1?

If not:  Try using the classic maplestory exe file.
If so:  End/close all Google Chrome and Skype processes. You can also try using the classic maplestory exe

Still not working?

  1. Go into the DChaosMS v83 Folder
  2. Find your DChaosMS client
  3. Right click it and click "properties"  
  4. Switch to the "compatibility" tab
  5. Enable "Run this program in compatibility mode" and enable Windows 7 Compatibility
  6. Check the Run as Administrator box at the bottom
  7. Hit the OK Button
  8. For me at this point I could even use Google Chromse and Skype with the game but this has no proof of being consistent

If nothing works:

Try fiddling with the compatibility and be sure you have all the custom files, otherwise post it in this thread and maybe someone will have mentioned it in xat/in game.

Crashing when choosing a character:

  • Try using the play button rather than double clicking/pressing enter to start on that character
  • Try logging in on a different channel
  • Try making a new character
    Did it login?
    If yes, do @unstuck charname (charname is the name of the character you want to be able to connect)
    If no, check to be sure you have all the files
  • Try unstuckme as your password when logging in

Crashing/"Glitches" while in Game + ETC:

Are you crashing while changing your hair/eyes?
Change the color to black prior to changing the style.

Are you unable to see npc's/other players?
What I like to do is:

  1. Logout
  2. Use "unstuckme" as password then login like normal
  3. Connect on a different channel than the one that glitched you
  4. Goto a safe map like FM 23
  5. Do @save
  6. Now @relog You should respawn in the same map
  7. cc to your preferred channel and return to playing

Note:  Some maps seem to do this consistently (at times) so if it happens once I would suggest avoiding that map on that channel until the next restart.

Is it telling you that you are already logged in, in game?
Use unstuckme as the password and it should popup saying your account has been unlocked.

Is it telling you that you are already logged in, while voting?
Logout in game.  If logged out use unstuckme as the password INGAME.  After this you should be able to vote and claim your NX and Vote Point.

For the time being I am done with this post, I am sure there are more small crashes that I am forgetting so feel free to post any issues like that here.  If you have any real bugs go post them in Eric's Thread.

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