Guild: Anime

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Guild: Anime

Post by Redwolf on Thu Jan 22, 2015 1:34 pm

flower Hoorah, All you Animefreaks, Mangafreaks, And Otakus!flower

Now there is a guild for you too!!!!Cool
To join, adress my character "Redwolf" and you shall be added cheers

What do I need to level up in the guild for awsome name ranks you say?!confused Shocked confused
1st: you gotta prove that you are truley an otaku/animefreak/mangafreak/anime lover/manga lover/etc...

2nd: You gotta prove your worth, The same as any other guild!

3rd: You have to prove to be sociable, If people hate in the guild you, I will not promote you! SO MAKE SURE YOU BEHAVE NICLEY!!

If you have more question, just write them in the comments below Very Happy cat

P.S. the more people you recruit the more chance I will promote you Very Happy


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