Hello, I'm Kubz

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Hello, I'm Kubz

Post by Kubz on Mon Jul 09, 2012 7:27 am

Hello guys. I am not new to this server, as I joined a month ago; however, I never got the time to post something in the Introductions section of this forum! My IGN is "Kubz777", and, as of right now, I have 6 MSI. I joined the server a month ago, so I hope my introduction is still valid! Razz

My gaming name I use for everything is "Kubz". You may see many variations of this name "Kubz777", "Kubz101", etc.! I used to play SA:MP (San Andreas Multiplayer), where I owed a server. I occasionally move from game to game. This is the first private server I came to where I decided to stay for a long time, and the first (Maplestory) server I ever donated on! I love the custom WZ files, and all the new updates coming soon. I like the community and how we work together to make a better server.

Have fun playing D.ChaosMS!


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Re: Hello, I'm Kubz

Post by AsianCrooks on Mon Jul 09, 2012 7:36 am

um hi cuddly kubby

plz train me ???????!!11 (:

I'm Crotch, hmu? ;-]

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