[RESOLVED] Can't login to main account.

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[RESOLVED] Can't login to main account.

Post by Rarity on Sat Jun 23, 2012 6:12 pm

--Character was stuck logged in after all, I saw her in the area I dc'd walking in on the spot. This was resolved by a restart. Please lock.

Every time I type in the PIC, it sends me back to the log in screen and tells me I'm unable to connect...

First off, yes, I did check the sticky for this fix but it ended up not being the problem. This is only happening to the characters on my main account, not an alternate I created to test that theory.

If a GM/Owner could help, my main character's name is Ayano. (not giving the login on the forum herp-derp)

As a side note, it may be possible that my character is stuck logged in. Could a GM kick my character out and let me know so I can see if it worked?


Edit: If knowing what happened before helps, I teleported to Horntail's cave via @spinel. I went to go bash the purple crystal thingy, but then I got hit with a lag spike. By lag spike, I mean the kind when you are training and monsters freeze in place and you can't damage them. Anyway, after this happened, I quit the game via game menu. Now whenever I try to log in to my characters (I can log in to the account and channels, but can't get past the character screen.), it throws me to the main menu and says "Unable to connect to the server at this time. Please try again later." Also, if this is relevant to the problem, whenever you go to the log in screen, your first character is always selected with the spotlight. Mine isn't anymore.

Would a restart possibly fix this? I've been hearing similar things happening where people had to create new
accounts over it...

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Re: [RESOLVED] Can't login to main account.

Post by Zachie on Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:31 pm

Shads wrote:Fixed, I think..

R> Lock. :smile:

Old habits again?

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