2 Ideas...

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2 Ideas...

Post by iAozyk on Sat Jul 09, 2011 6:02 pm

First idea
Name: Quiz: Who wants to be a chix millonaire?

Map: OX Quiz event; Use 1 Side (I Recommend that map)

Explanation:The gm form groups(I think the O side have 9 platforms, so the groups are for the number of platforms), and ask for each one of all groups a question relationated with all things, like real life, sports, geography, history,etc.The contestants have a certain time for answer the question, like 30 seconds, but less than 1 minute and greater than 10 Seconds, only 1 question per contestant, if he's caught cheating, don't answer the question or he answer the question but is wrong, he will be DQ.

Example: they're 2 groups, and the winners of the 2 groups need to answer more questions than the oponent (They're 6 questions for each contestant in the final round)

Prize: The prizes can be 1 chix to 300, everything depends on the questions, if they're hard lots of chickens, a little chickens.
Second Idea
Name: Item Collection

Explanation: The GM say a list of items, and the players need to gather these items and deliver them to GM, the first player who deliver the items to the GM win, It can be any item in the list, But atleast there must be 1 item an elusive item, the items can be in the followin categories: Equip, Use, Etc and Cash.
The event can have time, but is very hard, is not recommended.
The items must be returned, except if a user doesn't want.

Example: The list is: 70 Maple leaves, 40 Snail shell, 50 Squishy Liquids, 10 Bigfoot toe*, 1 Zakum helm and 80 Leafs...
* = The bigfoot toe isn't easy to get, but they're alot of items more hardest to get

Prize: The prizes can be 1 chix to 300, again, because if the items are hard to get, more bigger can be the prize. Razz

Hardest Things: 2 White Scroll, 2 Chaos Scroll, 1 Scarlion hat (DEX), 1 Black Belt, 1 Smiling mask with +701 All stats, and 1 Crying smiley.
Easiest things: 50 Maple Leaves, 1 Smiling mask, 1 Wodden club, 30 Red snail shells, 30 Rubian, 20 Mamon tail and 2 Maple 1500 Anniv. Flag.

Note: If you have a question, post it here and i try answer the question the most fast possible. They're Long events, but can be funny, in especially, the quiz. Razz

~ Aozyk

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