jump quest add

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jump quest add

Post by satasprayer on Fri Mar 02, 2012 9:47 am

i have a suggestion to add zakum jq, and kerning jq, and castelan jq.
it has some good sides too... zakum and castelan jq will reduce campers, since most of the people cant do it. also those jq's are more random at winning comparing to ellinia and sleepywood ones where you only need some practice.
for example: i did zakum jq about 20 times in my life and i still do it for about 5min which isnt so good.
i did sleepywood and ellinia pq's about 2 times each, and i dont have any problem passing them in 1 shot.
GMs please look at my suggestion and see the pros and cons. Very Happy

Warned for posting in wrong section.

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