Murder Mystery [implemented]

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Murder Mystery [implemented]

Post by RayStormX on Fri Feb 24, 2012 2:02 am

This event was my original idea and I'm putting this here for people to check out the rules and such on how to play it. This event has several variations, like my other events.

Map locations: pick any map that has no portals that lead to it. It helps to pick scary or creepy maps. once players leave that map, they should have no way of getting back in.

rules: Someone in this map will be randomly chosen as the murderer. the GM will describe the murderer, and players have to guess who it is. If they think they know, they have to type @snipe name to kill that player. whoever kills the murderer wins. all players must have @snipeon. the killer cannot be a super donor or gm. when you select the killer, invite them to a chatbox so you can keep a constant eye on their appearances.


[lightsofhope] has sniped [datran484]
time selections:

!clock 61
if time runs out, everyone dies and the killer wins. you can choose to restore time every time someone is sniped.

!clock 46
every time the clock runs out, someone dies. when no one else can snipe the killer, or everyone else has died, the killer wins. (harder for the killer to win)

!clock 121
time is only restored when there's less than 30 seconds on the clock. when someone is sniped, time is reset back to 30 seconds, so !clock 30.

!clock 181
time is not reset at all. once time runs out, everyone dies.

GMs, keep an eye on your chatbox. you may use !mutemap if you want.

Game modes (variety is the spice of life!):
single: 1 character is the killer. whoever snipes that person wins.

Bonnie&Clyde: 2 players are selected to be the killers. both of them must be sniped in order to win. if only one is sniped and time runs out, everyone still dies, and the killers still win.

Alien: 2 people know who the alien is. one person describes the alien, the other person lies about the alien. players have to figure out who's telling the truth and kill the alien before time runs out.

parasite: 1 person becomes the parasite. describe them. use the stay alive rule. do not replenish time until it runs out. every time it runs out, kill the # of random players listed. they cannot come back. the parasite grows more powerful as time goes on.
!clock 31
if time = 0, kill 2 players.

!clock 46
if time = 0, kill 3 players.

!clock 61
if time = 0, kill 4 players.

!clock 76
if time = 0, kill 5 players.

(optional rules: you can include these if u want)
stay alive: if you are dead, you must click okay. anyone who is sniped, loses instantly, whether or not you got to snipe. This makes players want to avoid getting matched by the description, even if they're not the killer.

distraction: the killer can use a distraction to waste players times. things like spawning monsters or !speakall/!speak , or sending a message to players through notice like
!notice m v I'm coming to kill you.....

if you want to do another round, have players relog to replenish their @snipe.

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Re: Murder Mystery [implemented]

Post by ρяσησσв™ on Fri Feb 24, 2012 9:06 am

I played this before with you.
It was fun but people kept on sniping me for fun.LAWL


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