Stuck character cannot enter game.

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Stuck character cannot enter game.

Post by immaj8 on Tue Feb 07, 2012 12:32 pm

I can log in just fine but when it comes to putting in my PIN, nothing happens. The screen just stays the same. I can press Start and enter my PIN again but it still doesn't do anything. Then I can't click anymore to open the PIN. I can back out and back into the LOG IN screen and I kept trying and It wouldn't work. Even once I put in my PIN and a Cloud SMEGA came up on top right while I was still in Character selection.

It happened again:
So basically I can't get in the game but all the Smegas and Notices pop up. O.o

-EDIT 2-
I found out that my character is stuck to hell. Guess some were right. Well I can't get it unstuck with the UNSTUCK option in the website. Help?

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