New Idea Pq/Story

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New Idea Pq/Story

Post by Crow on Tue Jan 24, 2012 3:34 pm

I had an idea and started to create something you guys might like. Its called Bizzaro's Chaos Carnival and i made a picture to kind of show off the idea \/ \/ \/

The npc could be called Bizzaro geek of course. and it could be a Pq or story where you can fight carnival monsters and other creatures and also a boss maybe. It could ba like a staged thing like Mu Lung Dojo but harder, with prizes for beating it more than a certain amount of time.

Just a thought let me know what you think in comments. Thanks

-Edit- Just thought of another way to make it more intresting, maybe at each stage there is a certain debuff that is set on all the players- Example
= Stage one not allowed to use skills
= Stage two not allowed to use health pots
= Stage three loose sight of mob Invisible Monster

Will be creating more pics soon.

-Edit 2- Made a pic for how the PQ could look of course with a different background. \/ \/ \/



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