Hello everyone, I am Vorrtex

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Hello everyone, I am Vorrtex

Post by Deagleup on Fri Jan 20, 2012 9:03 pm

Sup bros, Just wanted to give some feedback and an Introduction.

My name is Jimmy A.K.A Vorrtex (I know its a sexy name)

I live in New york and i believe my ping is'nt that high trolol. I am 14, My main hobby is computers in general. For some background, I've built the computer I'm currently using.
I also very much enjoy sports such as Basketball and Football.
Friends are also very usual as well. I think of ChaosMS as a very well organized community. I know you guys want to expand into other games (Spiral Knights for example) and also expand in size. I also see you guys as very friendly and more importantly, fun.My interests are stated above in my hobbies. I'm also interested in learning new things no matter what it might be.

First thing to cover is a bit of my voice. My voice is a bit high pitched, but I don't think it is as high pitched as others. I just wanted to say that my voice isn't what justifies me as a person. I am and will act mature.
Second is about donating . I've considered to be an donor GM if I ever get very "cool" With most of yall. If I learn how to be an GM, I want to get some things straight. I'm not very strict, but very loose.
That are all the topics that I can remember for now.
Third i just wanted to say this server is wonderful. I like how friendly the people are. I will also be active on forums.


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Re: Hello everyone, I am Vorrtex

Post by ρяσησσв™ on Sat Jan 21, 2012 3:08 pm



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