I Lost My Thing Event

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I Lost My Thing Event

Post by Fang on Sat Sep 03, 2011 1:33 am

My English are suck apology Sad
This is a simple event.

Step 1:A GM will hide their Hats/Earrings/Tops/Shoes/Anything you like but it must be in same type.
(Must be in big map or Town like Henesys/ Kerning(including the shop)

Step 2:Example the GM dropped 20 Hats.In the 20 hats must be 1 TAGGED Hat by (Event Host).
(The Amount of winner depends on the amount of tagged item that GM dropped)

Step 3:After You(Game Host)Dropped the (Thing).Do Notice: I Lost My (Thing that you dropped) in (X Place)
If someone found it return to me,you will get your rewards.
(If your map are custom.You can use @joinevent AFTER your N.O.T.I.C.E :3)

Step 4:The GM can set the TIME LIMIT for the event.If the time ups = EVENT ENDED
The player must find (X Amount of Tagged Thing)in (X Amount of Non-Tag Item)
For those who return the (Tagged Things) After the time end will get NOTHING. :}

Tips :1)GM CANNOT drops RARES or GODLY item only Example:(Beginner Item or some NORMAL cash item)
2)If you(Players) Get more that one tagged item, You can get more reward.
3)You(player/Donor) will get D-Quest if you keep tracking GM.

If Theres some problem u can ask me .Ing: Fenris....

TeeHee :3

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